Thank God for those that have the art of analysis and awareness…

Later in the story, Bill visits Rabbi Zimmerman(Maggie Siff) for some important matter. When he expresses his confusion, she succinctly points out to him the main cause of the problems in our world. We are intelligent organisms, but we are far from being perfect. We are still biologically animals, and, while trying to solve our problems, we overlook that fact sometimes. Like some characters desperately attempting to solve their own problems in the film, we mess up matters and ultimately contribute to the chaos in the world. We naturally want to find some orders or rules to be relied on, but the chaos continues to reign thanks to us. Maybe it is better to accept the randomness in the world because you cannot prevent it no matter how you try to prepare and control. And help repair the world with others, above all.

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 As far as I know, “a mixed bad” is a negative expression, but I think that is an appropriately positive one in case of “Leaves of Grass”(2009) for its seemingly disjointed combination of crime story and philosophy. The movie throws such discrepant stuffs into its plot that they can actually make a good shopping list: Latin, marijuana, Socrates, crossbow, poetry, bong, Heidegger, family, catfish, Whitman, parallel lines, menorah, swastika, murder, and so on.

 It sounds like a mess, but the film manages to mix them together, and the end product is somehow eclectic in an offbeat way. Sometimes there are profound moments to intrigue us, and then there are absurd ones to tickle us, and then there are sudden bursts of violence that jolt us. The movie freely goes between them as it wants. Some of you may be flabbergasted by its frequent shift of tones along its wacky plot.

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This blog is going to be about a lot of things. At the age of 56 I’m returning to counseling for coping skills.
This is going to be more of a journal.
If it helps anyone cope that’s cool.
My first group session is Friday. Looking forward to it.

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